Accounts Payable Reconciliations in SAP

The advantages of accounts payable automation within SAP over manual methods are numerous.


SAP is ideal for posting accounts payable invoices and making payments. What doesn’t make sense though is that when your supplier sends you a statement, you’re forced to reconcile it outside of SAP, using Excel, paper or another non-SAP system.

Because the BEST SAP system works in real time, you have an up-to-the- minute accurate picture of your company’s accounts payable invoices. Added to that, your internal and external audits will be greatly simplified. In fact, you’ll be 100% compliant.

Errors are eliminated by automated matching in SAP and this accuracy improves audit controls and management reporting.

Best of all, because BEST is built in SAP and certified for SAP, it leverages your investment in SAP, which means trusted and proven performance.

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