A Remittance of R200m and 1000-line items will take 11 seconds to upload and match with BEST. The 11 seconds is a massive win when you consider manually allocating this payment would have taken approximately 4 hours to do manually.”

Marita Baronet

Group Credit Manager

Ardagh Glass (previously Consol Glass) achieves 99.9% remittance clearing with BESTs customer clearing module

Manufacturing leader Ardagh Glass (previously Consol Glass) implemented BEST’s Customer Clearing module to automate cash application, achieving 99.9% remittance clearing rates and halving month-end close times.

Ardagh Glass (previously Consol Glass)

As a manufacturing leader, Ardagh Glass (previously Consol Glass) manages cash applications for hundreds of business customers monthly – a highly manual process proving unscalable. By implementing BEST’s Customer Clearing module integrated into their SAP system, Ardagh Glass automated allocation to gain quantifiable time and working capital advantages.

Our approach

With advanced OCR and algorithms, BEST posts over 9,000 remittance lines monthly for Ardagh with 99.9% clearing rates. This automates a previously tedious task that took 4 hours per R200 million remittance.


The solution has had a significant impact on the team, and they love how quick and easy the new process is. Month-end closure is now reduced by half a day, which means they can issue Customer Statements and follow up on payments earlier. The time saving is a huge win for the team and allows for more time to be spent on query management.

With the new process using BEST Customer Clearing, Ardagh Glass (previously Consol Glass) can now automatically achieve the following:

1. Clear the Customer payment off the bank account.
2. Post and clear the detailed Remittance lines against the Customer account line items.
3. Achieve a high clearing percentage based on detailed reference information.
4. Eradicate manual errors through automation and programmatic matches.
5. Create a digital version of the Remittance in SAP represented by the posted document.
6. Attach the original PDF document to the posted document in SAP.
7. Automatically raise specific Customer Remittance entries on the Customer account – such as claims and other deductions.

Marita adds that one key accounts overdue balance was reduced overdue from R77 million to R6 million based on streamlined processes.

For Ardagh Glass, BEST propelled a leap from opaque legacy systems to integrated automation, facilitating productivity, cash flow, and revenue gains critical for any business. Ardagh Glass (previously Consol Glass) now aims to enrol more customers and maximise the value realised by high-performance tools.