Dis-Chem automates 320,000+ monthly vendor invoices with BEST

As South Africa’s leading pharmacy chain, Dis-Chem automated the reconciliation of over 320,000 monthly vendor invoices using BEST’s SAP-integrated solution. This resulted in significant time savings and enhanced visibility into the procure-to-pay process.
As South Africa’s leading pharmacy chain, Dis-Chem processes immense monthly transaction volumes from 1,500 vendors. With manual, decentralised legacy systems proving opaque and risky, Dis-Chem sought an integrated automation solution. Dis-Chem gained efficiency, insights, and future-proofing by implementing BEST Vendor Recons in SAP.
  • Cleaner supplier accounts.
  • Structured department.
  • All recons follow the same logic and structure.
  • Less mundane.
  • More resolution of issues and exceptions.
  • Improved supplier communication and relations.
  • Improved management reporting and audit controls.
  • Operational issues are highlighted.
  • Reduced personnel costs.
  • Reduced printing and storage costs.
  • Positive feedback from suppliers.
Statement SizePre BEST Processing TimeWith BEST Processing Time
Small – 5 Lines<5 Minutes<5 Minutes
Medium – 50 Lines20 Minutes5 – 10 Minutes
Large – 1000 Lines1 Hour10 Minutes
Very Large – >10 000 Lines1 Day20 Minutes
Through advanced algorithms automatically matching over 90% of 910,000 statement lines over 3 months, BEST eliminates tedious manual effort for Dis-Chem’s team. Large statements that previously took 8 hours now reconcile in just 20 minutes – massive time savings that enable process improvements.

With clean vendor accounts and structured workflows, Dis-Chem leverages BEST to resolve disputes, claim discounts due, prevent overpayments, and facilitate audits. Enhanced visibility across critical metrics assists data-driven decisions to optimise the procure-to-pay process. 

For Dis-Chem, BEST delivered the high-performance, scalable automation essential for managing vast payment volumes efficiently today and into the future. Quantifiable productivity gains reinforce reconciliation excellence.