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Italtile on mastering SAP month end efficiency with BEST

BEST, with Eventful People on 16 November 2023, hosted an exclusive webinar with Sarah Lowe, the Retail Financial Manager, driving Group Finance processes and systems forward. Facilitating the webinar was Suresan Ellary, BEST Vendor Recons Product Manager and Christopher Brooks, BEST GL Product Manager. Italtile first implemented the BEST Vendor Recons Module 10 years ago. In 2021 they decided to add to the BEST Module suite and implement the BEST GL Clearing & Recons Modules. Participants from different organisations were able to engage with [...]

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BEST & G3G webinar with UKISUG – a resounding success

BEST, in conjunction with G3G, hosted recently an exclusive webinar on BEST’s innovative GL Recon solution in SAP.  The partner-sponsored event, hosted by UK & Ireland SAP User Group (UKISUG), took place on the 20 October 2023. Sixty four companies registered for the webinar, with the majority based in the UK and Ireland. BEST Product Manager, Christopher Brooks, and Michael Webb from G3G, presented Customer Success stories and benefits achieved having implemented the BEST GL Recons Module. Mr Webb said: “Chris Brooks and I [...]

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Meet Henry Curtis, Co-Founder and MD of BEST

Henry Curtis, shares some personal insights on who he is and how BEST came to be.   Henry has 28 years consulting and programming experience on various SAP modules. Realising, with co-founder Alex Bakshi, there was customer demand and SAP product gap given vendor statement reconciliations having to be done outside of SAP, BEST (Minabiz) was founded in 2009 and this first SAP add-on module took off very quickly. Over the years we have built everything one can think of around finance reconciliations in SAP. We [...]

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How BEST GL helps Italtile Group Finance save time and be more efficient

ITALTILE: IMPLEMENTATION OF BEST GL RECONS & CLEARING MODULES Interview with Sarah Lowe, Retail Financial Manager by Chris Brooks, BEST GL Product Manager on 29 August 2022. Sarah shares how BEST GL helps Italtile Group Finance save time and be more efficient. ABOUT ITALTILE & GROUP FINANCE We are the manufacturer, franchisor and retailer of tiles, bathroom ware and other home finished products. The group’s aspiration is to become the best manufacturer and retailer of tiles, sanitary ware and bathroom products in Africa. That [...]

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Netcare’s Journey to automate General Ledger Reconciliations in SAP

AUTOMATE GENERAL LEDGER RECONCILIATIONS IN SAP WITH BEST GL RECONS & CLEARING MODULES - NETCARE: A BEST CASE STUDY In December of last year, the Eventful Group hosted an online Webinar where Johan van Eck, a Financial Manager for Hospital Ledger and Integration Support at Netcare, presented how they managed to implement a solution to automate their General Ledger Reconciliations in SAP. Johan began the presentation by outlining shortcomings in their existing Balance Sheet Reconciliation process, and Netcare’s desire to address these through implementing [...]

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GL and Vendor Reconciliations in SAP with BEST – News

Download the Full Newsletter on GL and Vendor Reconciliations in SAP with BEST for September 2021 here. CERTIFICATION & RECENT ADVANCES ON GL AND VENDOR RECONCILIATIONS IN SAP WITH BEST CONFERENCES/TALKS - 2021 BEST GL MODULES – PROJECTS BEST AP (Vendor Recons), BSR, BIR & BSP MODULES - PROJECTS INDUSTRY & COUNTRY LISTING CLIENT LISTING BEST is now certified on S/4HANA 2020 and re-certified on NetWeaver 7.50. BEST GL Clearing & GL Recons Module Enhancements: Two new additional fields, Posting Period & Fiscal Year, [...]

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General Ledger Reconciliation in SAP – Dis-Chem’s Story

General Ledger Reconciliation in SAP - Dis-Chem's Story With the BEST GL Recons and Clearing Modules Dis-Chem now automates 2 000 monthly GL Recons in SAP and clearing of 160 000 open items takes place monthly. No more manual excel for Dis-Chem. Dis-Chem presents their BEST story at Mastering SAP Financials 2021. See how Dischem: Has cleared large volumes of historic items with BEST GL Clearing resulting in: Reduced volumes of open items in month end recons Reduced time to reconcile Intercompany balances, allowing for [...]

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General Ledger Reconciliation in SAP: Mastering SAP

We were able to record Chris Brooks' talk on how to automate General Ledger Reconciliation in SAP if you weren't able to make the Mastering SAP Financials Online Conference 2020 this year. Traditionally SAP users have had no option but to reconcile balance sheets and other GL accounts outside of SAP. This meant downloads to Excel or interfaces to 3rd party systems. Now personnel time can be saved by automating General Ledger Reconciliation directly in SAP, using BEST GL Reconciliation add-on module. No more [...]

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Reconciling SAP Bank Accounts

Reconciling SAP bank accounts to a physical bank account balance and statement can be a time consuming process. BEST provides an SAP add-on module for GL Reconciliations that reconciles all manner of GL (General Ledger) accounts including SAP bank reconciliation. There are essentially two parts to the BEST bank reconciliation in SAP. Bank Reconciliation In SAP of the Main Bank Account Firstly a 3 way match of the main GL bank account in SAP, to the bank statement balance in SAP, then to the physical bank [...]

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