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Intercompany Clearing in SAP

The use of intercompany clearing in SAP is sometimes an unused tool to combat intercompany balances spiralling out of control. Probably the main reason why it is not used extensively is because intercompany clearing in SAP is highly manual. SAP users are required to manually match open items across the intercompany relationship and post manual and complex intercompany clearing transactions. BEST GL Clearing module automates  intercompany clearing in SAP, making it quick and easy to clear intercompany open items and reduce intercompany balances. The [...]

2022-08-04T08:33:36+00:00August 4th, 2020|

How To Perform Intercompany Reconciliations in SAP

Performing Intercompany Reconciliations in SAP can be one of your challenging month end General Ledger reconciliations. 50% of businesses consider Intercompany Reconciliations in SAP to be their biggest month end headache. BEST has created the Intercompany Matrix within the BEST GL Reconciliations Module to tackle this month end nightmare. So why is managing Intercompany Reconciliations in SAP so difficult? In most large organisations, the first issue is volumes of both of accounts and transactions. These alone make the reconciliation process difficult . But when [...]

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