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Supplier Statement Matching in SAP – webinar recording

A webinar on automated supplier statement matching in SAP was hosted by BEST and partner reseller G3G on 19 March 2020. If you are facing challenges with labour-intensive manual supplier statement matching for your supplier reconciliations outside of your SAP system then the SAP Certified BEST AP Module will assist your Accounts Payable function. The BEST AP Module allows supplier statements to be loaded into SAP through a variety of means - including PDF for OCR reading, excel upload or by fast online copy [...]

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Reconcile Supplier Statements with Supplier Statement Matching in SAP.

Supplier Statement Matching in SAP Why we reconcile vendor statements was discussed in my previous article. While the benefits may be appealing, it can be an onerous task to match thousands of supplier invoices and other documents every month. Manual matching of statements may involve much printing and ticking, or system downloads and manipulation to produce many disparate Excel spreadsheets. Automate supplier reconciliations in your existing accounting system As with other accounts payable processes, it is essential to digitise. A computer or automated supplier statement [...]

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