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Amka use BEST for automated and fast vendor reconciliations in SAP

Webinar interview on 20 October 2022 with Sharone Pieterse, Accounts Payable Supervisor, on how Amka replaced their manual activities with BEST Vendor Recons to achieve automated and fast vendor reconciliations in SAP. Amka is a South African company with over 60 years in the Health and Beauty Industry. Their Vision is to be “Brand leaders in the Health, Beauty and Home Care Industry.” Their purpose is “To enrich people’s lives by creating and sharing abundance.” Visit to find out more. The key business driver in [...]

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Vendor Invoice Reconciliations in SAP

Why is the BEST Vendor Recons module better than any other product for vendor invoice reconciliations in SAP? BEST FUNCTIONALITY: • Multiple methods of loading vendor statement data and formats into BEST SAP is available (inc excel, EDI, iDOC, paper or PDF). • All original statement documents, whatever the format, can be stored in SAP using the SAP Content Server. Important as allows the original statement to be viewed from SAP, by reconciliation approvers, auditors etc. No manual filing & helps to take your [...]

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