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Learn how Italtile finance thrives with the BEST modules

Discover how Italtile automate, standardise and shorten their month end cycle in SAP with the BEST Modules. Join BEST with Eventful People on 16 November 2023, from 09:00 to 10:00 (SAST) for this exclusive webinar as we dive into Italtile's success story with Sarah Lowe, the Retail Financial Manager, driving Group Finance processes and systems forward. Sarah has been with the Italtile Group since 2008, and she's not your typical finance expert. She's a trailblazer in finance automation, leading various robotic projects that make [...]

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G3G & BEST to host webinar with UKISUG on GL Recons in SAP

BEST, in conjunction with G3G, are thrilled to bring you an exclusive webinar on the innovative BEST’s GL Recon solution for SAP. The partner  sponsored event with UK & Ireland SAP User Group (UKISUG), will take place on the 20 October 2023 from 10.00am-11.00am, BST. No more tedious manual reconciliations in Excel or dealing with third-party data extracts. Unlike time consuming, inconsistent, manual reconciling in Excel - and other non-SAP 3rd party solutions which require data extracts - with BEST GL Recons you reconcile [...]

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Compare BEST & RPA Technology benefits

Looking at Robotic Process Automation software for your company? How do BEST SAP Add on Modules and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology benefits compare? BEST is already achieving what RPA hopes to achieve i.e. Reduces repetitive work. Automates time consuming and high volume tasks. Increases productivity. Richer, more valuable work and increased job satisfaction. Why implement a proven SAP Add on module such as BEST for financial reconciliations and clearing versus new RPA software? SAP Certified modules are already built, working and proven inside [...]

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BEST will be at SAPHILA 2023

BEST is excited to be part of the upcoming SAPHILA 2023 Conference taking place from 9 –11 July 2023 at Sun City in the North West.  SAPHILA is a biennial world class information technology conference hosted by the African SAP User Group (AFSUG) in collaboration with SAP. SAPHILA 2023 promises to elevate the information technology industry by creating an all-encompassing immersive environment for all SAP users to connect, create, collaborate and knowledge share in the very latest innovations, implementations and service delivery best practices, [...]

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How a large Healthcare group achieves Month End Reconciliations directly in SAP

For those who missed this Webinar here is a link to register and watch a recording: What the Webinar is all about: Hear Netcare’s story on replacing their legacy process of manual GL reconciliations and offline approvals with an automated online GL Reconciliation process within their SAP system. The Webinar covers: Netcare’s key business drivers for replacing their existing Month End Reconciliation process with an online, automated solution - BEST. An overview of the project implementation. A summary of the processing volumes currently [...]

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How To Reconcile GL Accounts in SAP

Why Reconcile General Ledger (GL) Accounts At All? The financial statements of your business provide the basis for key decisions by internal and external stakeholders . GL account reconciliation is essential to ensure that GL accounts (and the resulting financial statements) are accurate at month end / period end. During the financial close process, incorrect, missing or unauthorized entries need to be identified and corrected. Accruals and adjustments are posted. SAP balances and transactions are validated against financial statements and external system data. Besides [...]

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General Ledger Reconciliation in SAP: G3G and BEST webinar

G3G and BEST hosted a webinar for members of the UK & Ireland SAP User Group (UKISUG) on automated general ledger reconciliation in SAP with BEST SAP Modules. The webinar was lead by Christopher Brooks who is responsible for developing BEST GL solutions within SAP. Find out more about the BEST G3G partnership and General Ledger Reconciliation in SAP. Access the webinar via the G3G blog. The range of BEST SAP add-on solutions can streamline your business processes, helping you save time and [...]

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Accounts Payable Statement Matching in SAP

Accounts Payable Statement Matching in SAP is made possible with the BEST AP Module. Read about automated AP & GL reconciliations in SAP.  Latest News, Projects and Products. GL RECON & GL CLEARING MODULES Now automated in SAP – developed by BEST! GL Clearing Module: No more manual clearing of open items in SAP. Manage open items in SAP by automating clearing across all account types and company codes. Clearing batches can be automatically created and scheduled to clear items based on highly flexible clearing [...]

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BEST has launched 2 new modules that do General Ledger Reconciliation in SAP.

General Ledger Reconciliation in SAP - exciting news! BEST GL Clearing and BEST GL Reconciliation Modules - both automated and now in SAP! BEST Clearing is designed to help you manage your open items in SAP by automating clearing across all account types and company codes. Clearing batches can be automatically created and scheduled to clear items based on highly flexible clearing criteria. If you are struggling with managing your open items, or spending large amounts of time with SAP manual clearing, then you [...]

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