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Creditors Reconciliation Statement SAP 2018-10-16T13:42:29+00:00

Creditor Statement Reconciliation in SAP

The advantages of creditor statement reconciliation automation within SAP over manual methods are numerous.


Now there’s no need to import creditor statements manually into SAP. With the Credtor Reconciliation Statement Reader in SAP, you can automate this process and enjoy all the benefits, from time to cost savings.

  • Creditors’ statements can come in any template or layout. Creditor Statement Reader can read an email inbox (e.g., PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, text, Word documents and more.
  • Paper creditor statements and scans can also be loaded via the tool’s OCR engine, a plug and play system specifically configured to read supplier statements.
  • If a creditor statement does not have sufficient information for SAP to produce the creditor reconciliation report, a user cockpit in SAP allows for management and re-processing of exceptions.
  • You can also load statements via EDI, Excel or text files, or small statements via the BEST SAP “copy and capture” function.

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