Debtor Allocations and Bank Clearing in SAP 2018-08-03T12:08:28+00:00

Debtor Allocations, Customer Remittance Advices & Bank Clearing in SAP

Think of it as hands free.

Are you frustrated by the amount of labour needed to allocate customer payments of invoices and clear payments from the bank? Do you find it tedious to go through customer remittances line by line and clear debtor accounts by typing into SAP?

AutoBank is a SAP certified debtor allocation add-on which now automates the entire situation.

As you know, allocating payments to the correct debtor account is also often largely manual, and even though you may be able to electronically load the bank statement into SAP, automatic matching rates are low.

The solution to these challenges is: AutoBank by HanseOrga.

AutoBank is a SAP certified add-on module which now automates the entire situation. Customer remittance advices can be loaded into SAP, in whatever format it arrives, including PDF, paper, Excel, and more.

Automatic matching of the remittance advice to the customer open items is followed by automatic clearing of the debtor account against bank payments. In cases where you do not receive a remittance advice, bank payments are also automatically cleared – and high automatic matching rates means most accounts are processed straight through with no manual effort.

You’ll spend your time wisely – and more profitably.

Complete automation of customer and bank reconciliations means you’ll clear your debtor and bank accounts much faster and with less effort. You can then spend your time profitably by chasing bad debtors. AutoBank even tracks all these queries.

You’ll spend less money on debtor and bank administration, as well as free up your working capital, increase customer credit limits and reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Best of all, everything is in SAP with the same look and feel, so you’ll really be maximising your investment.