Managing Intercompany Balances in SAP is a critical business function that needs to be managed at multiple levels within your organisation. From the entry of transactions through to your Group Accounting Consolidations, having tight controls and automated tools to assist are a great advantage.

The BEST GL Reconciliation module provides functionality to manage and approve your Intercompany Reconciliations all within SAP. Using the BEST Intercompany Matrix functionality, you can maintain complex Intercompany relationships to be able to:

·        Run an Automated Reconciliation for each relationship

·        Approve each relationship

·        Report and manage your Intercompany Reconciliations

·        Run Audit Trail reports managing your entire reconciliation and approval process within SAP.  

The BEST GL Reconciliation functionality works congruently with the standard SAP Intercompany functionality, the SAP Intercompany Reconciliation (ICR). The SAP Intercompany Reconciliation (ICR) functionality has been continually improving the latest release – Advanced ICR with S/4 HANA 1909 – there are a lot of features now available to manage and balance Intercompany entries within your organisation. One of the main advantages of the SAP Intercompany Reconciliation (ICR) is the ability to load data from external, or non-SAP systems, into SAP to perform a detailed reconciliation. Using the matching and reconciliation functionality within ICR, you can achieve line item level reconciliations – even though both parties are not on SAP. Other notable benefits of SAP Intercompany Reconciliation (ICR) include:

·        Real-time access to your transaction data without any ETL processes

·        Flexible definition of your matching and reconciliation rules to be applied

·        Automatic discrepancy solving

·        Transparent reconciliation process

Utilising functionality provided by both BEST GL Reconciliations and SAP Intercompany Reconciliation (ICR), you can now manage Intercompany transactions within your SAP ERP system as well as external and 3rd Party balances. Detailed, matched, and validated reconciliations can be approved all within SAP to ensure a more accurate, controlled, and shorter month end close.

More information of BEST GL Recons for managing Intercompany Balances in SAP – contact BEST for a demo.