Accounts Payable Statement Matching in SAP

Accounts Payable Statement Matching in SAP is made possible with the BEST AP Module.

Read about automated AP & GL reconciliations in SAP.  Latest News, Projects and Products.


Now automated in SAP – developed by BEST!

GL Clearing Module: No more manual clearing of open items in SAP. Manage open items in SAP by
automating clearing across all account types and company codes. Clearing batches can be
automatically created and scheduled to clear items based on highly flexible clearing criteria. Used by
JD Group (Pepkor) since 2015.
▪ GL Reconciliations Module: Prepare, approve and report on GL reconciliations all within SAP .
▪ No longer a need for:
• Recons to be done in excel
• Interfaces to 3rd party systems to perform reconciliations
• Approvals to be done manually
• Printing and storing of reconciliations
• Approvals can now be performed in SAP with a full audit history.
• Comprehensive reporting is available which allows you to manage your entire SAP month end
process, manage bottlenecks and drive out outstanding tasks. Bring standardisation to the
reconciliation process to place reliance and assurance on the accuracy of your financial balances.
• GL Modules sold individually and can be used together or independently. Contact us for more
information [email protected]


Henry Curtis, BEST Solution Architect & Charles Murray, BEST Sales Director visited the UK in
• The main focus of the trip was to introduce BEST to a potential reseller and potential clients. The
reseller was met in London where a very successful meeting was held and further meetings will occur
to finalise this arrangement.
• The potential clients were all “up north” around Manchester where 3 organisations were met
independently and 8 met where BEST presented to the Shared Services Forum UK
• BEST pitched BEST AP as well as the BEST GL Recons and Clearing Solutions and all modules were
received well by their respective audiences. We expect to progress to demos and pricing with quite a
few attendees. Attendees of the SSF UK included:
• SPX Flow
• McBride
• Elfs Shared Services
• The Guinness Partnership
• Amey
• J Murphy & Sons
• Innospec

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