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Christopher Brooks

Christopher Brooks

GL Product Manager & Director

Christopher Brooks

GL Product Manager & Director

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How long have you been with BEST?

Over 5 years

What do you enjoy most about working at BEST?

I always enjoyed working in a team, and I enjoy the collaborative environment at BEST. Whether that’s working with the development team on a new enhancement, the sales team to sell our GL Modules, or working with our project team to deliver another successful BEST GL implementation.

What has been your proudest accomplishment working at BEST?

After working with my BEST colleagues to envisage, develop, and create the BEST GL Modules, the most gratifying aspect of my job is hearing positive feedback from clients using our GL Modules. Hearing feedback on how our modules have become integral to our customers’ business processes and have improved how they perform their functions is hugely satisfying.

What do you think sets BEST apart from competitors?

First and foremost, our BEST Modules work directly within SAP.

From a user perspective, this means that everything looks and feels like the normal SAP environment that they’re used to.

From a technical and governance perspective, this means that all the existing SAP controls – such as authorisations, access controls, system backups, change management and reporting – are also applicable to the BEST Module.

If you could use one word to describe the company culture at BEST, what would it be?


What’s one feature or benefit of BEST that you would recommend to clients?

Automation. It enables our clients to reduce the time and effort they spend on completing certain tasks.

BEST can automate numerous processes within its modules.

What is your educational and professional background?

I completed a BCompt Degree and then later completed my FI/CO certification with SAP. I have been working as a SAP FICO Consultant since 2003.

Henry Curtis

Managing Director

Elaine Ferraris

Programme Manager & Director

Suresan Ellary

Vendor Recons Product Manager & Director

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