AFGRI performs 3,000+ monthly Vendor reconciliations with BEST

AFGRI, a diversified agricultural services company, leveraged BEST’s vendor reconciliation automation to streamline over 3,000 monthly supplier statement reconciliations. The solution delivered 95% statement coverage, a 40% reduction in headcount, and quantifiable productivity gains.


AFGRI is a diversified agricultural services company managing complex transaction volumes across business units in Africa. With manual, decentralised legacy systems proving unscalable, AFGRI sought an integrated platform to optimise critical vendor reconciliations. By implementing BEST, AFGRI gained quantifiable time and cost savings.


  • Cleaner supplier accounts.
  • Structured department.
  • All recons follow the same logic and structure.
  • Less mundane.
  • More resolution of issues and exceptions.
  • Improved supplier communication and relations.
  • Operational issues are highlighted.
  • Reduced personnel costs.
  • Reduced excessive staff turnover and training costs.
  • Reduced printing and storage costs.
  • Positive feedback from suppliers.
  • Improved management reporting and audit controls.
  • International benchmarking exceeded.
  • Current world-class shared services accounts payable benchmark is 92% of statements.
  • Current world-class shared services accounts payable average is 79% of statement.
  • AFGRI performance has moved from 81% to 95% of statements in one year.
Statement SizePre BEST Processing TimeWith BEST Processing Time
Small – 5 Lines<30 minutes7 minutes
Medium – 50 Lines1 day20 minutes
Large – 1000 Lines1 week (grocap)<45 minutes
Very Large – >10 000 Lines2 – 3 weeks (partrite)2 – 3 hours

Through advanced algorithms that automatically match statements, BEST eliminates the manual effort for AFGRI’s team. Large statements that previously took weeks now reconcile in just hours – massive time savings that enable process improvements.

With structured workflows, AFGRI leverages BEST to resolve disputes, prevent overpayments, and facilitate audits with integrated reporting. A 40% staff reduction with ROI in one year allows redeployment towards value-add roles. Vendor coverage expanded from 81% to 95% of statements monthly.

For AFGRI, BEST delivered the automation and insights essential to transforming overwhelm into excellence. Quantifiable productivity gains establish reconciliations as an operational efficiency pillar across business units.