Automate customer clearing in SAP

Customer clearing

Automated bulk customer clearing and cash application directly within SAP. Streamline customer clearing while enhancing visibility by intelligently matching remittances to open receivables items.

Benefits of automated customer clearing
with BEST

  • Complete visibility into open items
  • Accelerated order-to-cash cycles
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) metrics
  • Time and cost savings

Customer clearing module features

Automatic upload of customer payment advice into SAP. BEST then automatically matches and clears the customer and bank accounts. More time for receivables personnel to manage only the exceptions.

Comprehensive automation

Covers clearing across customers and company codes for a single remittance.

Customer account determination

Automatically identifies customer accounts based on remittance line item details.

Robust validation

Ensures accuracy throughout
the process.

Easy exception handling

User-friendly tools for managing residuals and short payments.

BEST customer clearing module

Automate your customer clearing in SAP by uploading your remittances directly into SAP. BEST auto-matches remittance lines against SAP lines and uses the power of advanced matching algorithms.
  • Comprehensive validation: Ensures accuracy by validating remittance lines against SAP lines
  • Exception handling: User-friendly screens for residuals/short payments,
    ensuring smooth processing even in exceptional scenarios
  • Batch manager integration: Efficiently manage large volumes,
    optimising processing capabilities
  • Statistical reporting: Gain insights with detailed reporting on
    customer clearing statistics

clearing advice

customer clearing

Automatically clear

Bank account

Benefits of BEST modules

Time and cost savings
  • Reduce the time needed for reconciliations by up
to 90%.
  • Channel skilled finance resources to focus on high-risk areas and resolution,
optimising efficiency.
Process efficiencies
  • Achieve a 95% and higher automated matching rate.
  • Tailor approval mechanisms in SAP to address high-risk areas effectively.
  • Manage month-end tasks efficiently using comprehensive control reports, identifying and resolving anomalies.
Standardisation and compliance
  • Standardise operations across business units for a structured SAP month-end close.
  • Ensure compliance and complete accuracy with full audit trails and approval history for internal and external stakeholders.
Environmental sustainability
  • Store all reconciliations within SAP, enabling easy access to historical data. 
  • Approve reconciliations online within SAP, reducing dependency on paper and lessening the environmental impact while also supporting Sarbanes Oxley compliance.

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