“With a click of the button, our recon is done. All very quick and easy. Amka achieves an automatic matching rate of 98,5%, i.e. no user involvement is required. Our larger statements are loaded through BSR. For smaller statements we use the copy function in BEST. The main benefit of using BEST is the time savings achieved. For the 40 suppliers that I do – it takes 2 to 3 days to finalise recons. Previously, this could have taken up to 2 weeks. Also, recons are automatically emailed to suppliers.”

Charone Pieterse

Accounts Payable Supervisor

Automated and fast vendor reconciliations with BEST

South African health and beauty company Amka leveraged the BEST Vendor Reconciliations and Statement Reader modules to reach a 98.5% auto-match rate and complete reconciliations 5-10 times faster than their previous manual process.


Amka is a leading South African health and beauty company with over 60 years of experience. As a manual and time-intensive process done outside SAP, vendor reconciliations were a pain point they aimed to address. By implementing the BEST Vendor Reconciliations and Statement Reader modules, Amka now achieves 98.5% auto-match rates and completes reconciliations in just 2-3 days instead of weeks.

Our approach

With easy statement uploads and automated matching integrated directly into their SAP system, Amka leverages BEST’s recon system to reconcile over 600 vendor accounts. Users can quickly identify and resolve mismatches while leveraging robust reporting for transparency and actionable insights.


With BEST, Amka is able to review previous months, so audits are much easier and can be referred back where necessary.

Post BEST implementation, Amka’s voucher-to-statement matching rate stands at 98.5%, eliminating nearly all manual reconciliation tasks. As per Charone, reconciliations now take just 2-3 days versus up to 2 weeks prior for Amka’s 40 largest vendors. Such dramatic time savings improve productivity and refocus efforts on value-added analysis.

“Auditors either access BEST system directly or request downloads. They appreciate being able to have a full view throughout the year.” Charone adds. With audit-ready reporting and inquiry access, BEST facilitates transparent and compliant processes for Amka’s finance team and external auditors.

For Amka, BEST delivered the automated, high-performance reconciliations they needed – directly within their SAP ecosystem. Easy-to-use tools and unmatched efficiency empower them to achieve their growth-oriented vision.