The implementation was very professional, well prepared, and easy to manage. We decided to implement it over our financial year-end, and it was seamless. The BEST GL modules were easy to switch on and integrate. Within Group Finance for the Italtile holding entity and subsidiaries, the BEST GL Recon process was compulsory from day one. We literally turned off all manual reconciliations. The ease of use of the system made for an easy transition.

Sarah Lowe

Retail Financial Manager

Italtile transforms GL reconciliations, achieves millions in clearing volumes

Manufacturer and retailer Italtile Group leveraged BEST’s GL reconciliation and clearing modules to shift from manual, opaque processes towards centralised automation, delivering quantifiable productivity improvements and clearing millions in open items.


As a leading manufacturer and retailer of home finishing products, Italtile Group continuously enhances processes to maintain growth momentum across Africa. With manual, opaque legacy systems no longer feasible, Italtile sought an integrated platform to optimise critical reconciliations and clearing. By implementing BEST’s GL solutions, Italtile achieved these goals with quantifiable time savings and cleared volumes.

Our approach

The Italtile team needed a new and efficient recon process that was simple to understand.

With seamless SAP integration, BEST’s user-friendly tools saw rapid user adoption across Italtile Group. Easy reconciliation creation coupled with centralised storage empowers staff to complete tasks in hours instead of days.


  • High accuracy and few potential errors.
  • Quicker GL Recons: Hours versus Days.
  • All reports available online: Key Management & Audit Reports.
  • Online recons in SAP that are accessible to all, including internal and external auditors. 
  • Everything is in a central location now with supporting documents on the Recon in SAP.

Beyond reconciliations, BEST’s intelligent clearing algorithms helped Italtile clear millions of open items across areas like interbranch transfers, VAT, and more. Automatic periodic jobs now prevent future backlogs.

Enhanced transparency and compliance also assist Italtile’s internal controls and external auditing. As per Sarah, “The audit trail report gives me everything I need and cannot be manually manipulated.”

For Italtile Group, BEST delivered an integrated solution to shift critical finance processes from opaque and manual systems towards centralised automation, facilitating growth and governance imperatives.