Simplify open item clearing in SAP with BEST

Open item clearing

Automated bulk clearing of open items directly within SAP.
Intelligent matching algorithms rapidly clear items across multiple companies and account types without manual effort.

Benefits of automated open item clearing
with BEST

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Faster period-end closing cycles
  • Sharp visibility into unreconciled items
  • Reduced compliance risk exposure

Open item clearing module features

Customise your processes, enjoy an intuitive interface, and seamlessly integrate external data, allowing you to streamline open item clearing.

Customisable clearing rules

Define flexible clearing criteria that accurately reflect your business processes.

Intuitive user interface

Easily modify references, search fields, and group items for streamlined open item clearing.

Inter company clearing

Automate matching and clearing across different company codes, e.g. for inter company trade.

Inter account clearing

Automate matching and clearing across different General Ledger accounts, e.g. for interface accounts from retail, payroll and other external systems.

Clearing RequirementsStandard SAPBEST
Same company & same account & same field & exact referenceAuto clearingNot required as done by standard SAP
Across different company codesManual clearingAuto clearing
Across different GL accounts / customer / vendorsManual clearingAuto clearing
Across different fieldsManual clearingAuto clearing
Matching rulesManual clearing or user exit programmingAuto clearing
Clearing RequirementsSame company & same account & same field & exact reference
Standard SAPAuto clearing
BESTNot required as done by standard SAP
Clearing RequirementsAcross different company codes
Standard SAPManual clearing
BESTAuto clearing
Clearing RequirementsAcross different GL accounts / customer / vendors
Standard SAPManual clearing
BESTAuto clearing
Clearing RequirementsAcross different fields
Standard SAPManual clearing
BESTAuto clearing
Clearing RequirementsMatching rules
Standard SAPManual clearing or user exit programming
BESTAuto clearing

How it works

The open item clearing functionality automatically matches and clears open items by user-defined criteria on any account field.

Standard SAP does not allow for automated clearing across different company codes or General Ledger accounts. BEST automatically matches and clears across companies and accounts, resulting in significant operational efficiencies.

Benefits of BEST modules

Time and cost savings
  • Reduce the time needed for reconciliations by up
to 90%.
  • Channel skilled finance resources to focus on high-risk areas and resolution,
optimising efficiency.
Process efficiencies
  • Achieve a 95% and higher automated matching rate.
  • Tailor approval mechanisms in SAP to address high-risk areas effectively.
  • Manage month-end tasks efficiently using comprehensive control reports, identifying and resolving anomalies.
Standardisation and compliance
  • Standardise operations across business units for a structured SAP month-end close.
  • Ensure compliance and complete accuracy with full audit trails and approval history for internal and external stakeholders.
Environmental sustainability
  • Store all reconciliations within SAP, enabling easy access to historical data. 
  • Approve reconciliations online within SAP, reducing dependency on paper and lessening the environmental impact while also supporting Sarbanes Oxley compliance.

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