Transnet automates reconciliations across rail, ports, and pipelines with BEST

Africa’s largest freight logistics provider, Transnet, implemented BEST’s reconciliation automation across its rail, ports, and pipeline divisions, achieving efficiency gains and establishing reconciliations as a strategic operational excellence pillar.


As Africa’s largest freight logistics provider, Transnet manages immense volumes nationally across rail, ports and pipelines. With manual, opaque legacy systems proving unscalable, Transnet sought integrated automation to streamline critical procure-to-pay processes. By implementing BEST reconciliations across divisions, Transnet gained efficiency, insights and future-proofing.


  • Improve the quality of internal controls.
  • Manage AP discipline across Transnet and integrated suppliers.

Projects results

Transnet Freight Rail

  • Significant time savings.
  • Increased clerk productivity.
  • Very happy with the daily GRIR.
  • Quicker review process for managers.
  • Embedding solution for one year before expanding.

Transnet National Ports Authority

  • Ports happy with the system.
  • Speedy supplier response time.
  • Faster query response time.

 Transnet Foundation

  • Significant time savings.

With advanced algorithms automatically matching statements, BEST eliminates tedious manual effort for Transnet’s staff. Easy statement loading and built-in integrations with Transnet’s ecosystem facilitate rapid end-to-end processing.

For Transnet, BEST delivered the essential reconciliation automation to transform overwhelmed, manual systems into streamlined digital processes – establishing reconciliations as an operational efficiency pillar across the critical state-owned enterprise.