We are saving days and loading Remittances, which used to take hours but now takes minutes. Shoprite Remittance clearing takes the longest – 30 minutes versus the hours and days it took previously. BEST provides more time to the Amka AR team for query resolution, and we can focus on debt collection.

Doris Pieters

Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Amka transforms customer remittance processing, saves days per statement

Health and beauty supplier Amka automated customer remittance processing with BEST’s Customer Clearing module, reducing remittance allocation time from hours/days to just minutes. BEST’s enhanced transparency also assisted in optimising internal and external auditing.


As a leading South African health and beauty supplier, Amka manages high volumes of complex customer remittances, including up to 40,000 lines per month. With manual legacy systems proving unscalable, Amka sought to automate allocation integrated within their SAP ecosystem. By implementing BEST’s Customer Clearing module, Amka achieved this with dramatic time savings.

Our approach

BEST’s remittance reader tool converts complex customer files into SAP-ready formats with a simple email, eliminating manual re-keying. Advanced algorithms then automate allocation, clearing 97% of 143,000+ lines processed by Amka over the past two years.
Remittances that previously took multiple days are now completed in minutes. As per Doris, “Once BEST was implemented a year ago for selected Clients, our Customer Clearing process is faster, simplified and accurate – we have not looked back.”

With staff relieved of tedious data tasks, Amka’s AR team can instead focus on revenue maximisation through query resolution and collections. Enhanced transparency from BEST also assists internal and external auditing.

For Amka, BEST delivered the high-performance cash application solution required to transform overwhelming manual work into automated, insight-driven processes. Easy-to-use tools drive gains across credit management and beyond.