vendor reconciliation made simple within sap

Vendor recons

BEST’s vendor recons module leverages intelligent automation to match supplier statements, reconcile accounts payable data, and provide real-time visibility into your payables position. The vendor recons module is SAP Certified and functions within your SAP ecosystem.

Benefits of automated reconciliation with BEST vendor recons module

  • 95% and higher statement matching rates
  • Complete visibility into account payables
  • Always compliant and audit-ready
  • Tighter cash flow control
  • Real-time accuracy

Vendor recons module features

Improve efficiency, ensure uniformity, and elevate performance while reducing miscommunication in your accounts payable statement reconciliation processes.

Intelligent automation

Leverages advanced technology for effortless matching and reconciliation of vendor statements.

Real-time visibility

Know your payables position at any
point in time.

SAP integration

Works seamlessly with your existing SAP ecosystem for streamlined workflows.

BEST drastically improves efficiency and cash flow management.

1All statement formats

Load into SAP / Store in SAP


Recons Report

3Sent to vendors
Vendor recons module

How it works

BEST’s vendor reconciliation module allows you to control the entire vendor reconciliation process in SAP. You can use normal SAP authorisations and system audit trails, as well as report statement matching rates and calculate vendor accruals and provisions.

BEST can also block invoices for payment if they are not on the supplier statement and base your payment terms on the statement date.

Our vendor recons module matches all the way up the procurement chain to parked, held, GR/IR and even Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) tools such as OpenText, ReadSoft, eFlow and others.

BEST works in tandem with the vendor statement reader or BEST’s statement portal to automatically process all the formats in which creditors’ statements come in: paper, Excel, PDFs, etc.

Vendor recons module

Save time with the vendor recons module

1Automatically reads emails
2Statement loaded into SAP
3Statement matched to SAP
4Report is immediately available
Vendor recons module

Vendor statement reader

Automate the manual process of importing creditor statements into SAP. Benefit from greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

  • Accepts vendor statements in any format – PDFs, Excel, email, paper, scans. Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine seamlessly extracts key data.
  • Plug-and-play integration with your SAP system. Specifically configured for supplier statements.
  • Automated vendor matching in SAP produces reconciliation reports.
  • User cockpit manages exceptions and re-processes incomplete statements.
  • Supports standard SAP functionality like EDI, Excel/text uploads, 
copy and capture.

1Vendor statements

Statements emailed as PDF or Excel

Load into SAP


Load into SAP

3SAP system

Statement matching, reconciliations, approvals and management reporting directly in SAP.

Benefits of BEST modules

Time and cost savings
  • Reduce the time needed for reconciliations by up
to 90%.
  • Channel skilled finance resources to focus on high-risk areas and resolution,
optimising efficiency.
Process efficiencies
  • Achieve a 95% and higher automated matching rate.
  • Tailor approval mechanisms in SAP to address high-risk areas effectively.
  • Manage month-end tasks efficiently using comprehensive control reports, identifying and resolving anomalies.
Standardisation and compliance
  • Standardise operations across business units for a structured SAP month-end close.
  • Ensure compliance and complete accuracy with full audit trails and approval history for internal and external stakeholders.
Environmental sustainability
  • Store all reconciliations within SAP, enabling easy access to historical data. 
  • Approve reconciliations online within SAP, reducing dependency on paper and lessening the environmental impact while also supporting Sarbanes Oxley compliance.

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