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BEST & G3G webinar at UKISUG – Enhancing Vendor Recons in SAP

This partner-sponsored event took place on 22 May 2024 with delegates joining from the UK, Ireland and South Africa.

BEST Vendor Recons Product Manager, Suresan Ellary, and Michael Webb from G3G, presented on Enhancing Vendor Reconciliations in SAP: Paving the way for businesses who run SAP.

Unlike time-consuming, inconsistent, manual reconciling in Excel — and other non-SAP third-party solutions that require data extracts — with the BEST Vendor Recons Module, you reconcile directly in SAP.

Michael said: “The webinar provided valuable insights on how BEST supports the AP Workstream in organisations. Suresan’s expert knowledge of the vendor reconciliation process in SAP sheds light on its benefits and underscores why BEST is a valuable tool for any organisation that runs SAP.”

Suresan said: “We were happy with the interest and turnout at the webinar. Our aim was to showcase how BEST can alleviate pain points experienced in all AP departments and also present success stories from our customers. Some valuable questions were raised by both Michael and the general audience attesting to the requirement for the BEST Vendor Recons Modules.”

BEST looks forward to future webinars with G3G and UKISUG.

To watch the recorded webinar, click here.

To download the presentation, click here.

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