BEST has launched 2 new modules that do General Ledger Reconciliation in SAP.

General Ledger Reconciliation in SAP – exciting news!

BEST GL Clearing and BEST GL Reconciliation Modules – both automated and now in SAP!

BEST Clearing is designed to help you manage your open items in SAP by automating clearing across all account types and company codes. Clearing batches can be automatically created and scheduled to clear items based on highly flexible clearing criteria.

If you are struggling with managing your open items, or spending large amounts of time with SAP manual clearing, then you need to see this modules’ functionality.

BEST General Ledger Reconciliation in SAP provides a long awaited and needed solution – automated General Ledger reconciliation in SAP! Now you can prepare, approve and report on your GL reconciliations all within SAP – no paper required. Now there is no longer a need for:

  • Recons to be done in excel
  • Interfaces to 3rd party systems to perform reconciliations
  • Approvals to be done manually
  • Printing and storing of reconciliations

Approvals can now be performed in SAP with a full audit history. Comprehensive reporting is available which allows you to manage your entire SAP month end process, manage bottlenecks and drive out outstanding tasks. Bring standardisation to the reconciliation process within your organisation so you can place reliance and assurance on the accuracy of your financial balances.

BEST Clearing and Reconciliations are sold individually and can be used independently; however, they obviously complement each other. Accounts that are well maintained and regularly cleared allow for actual reconciling items to be visible. This ensures your reconciliations can be completed quicker and more accurately at month end.

Shorten your month end deadlines with automated reconciliations and approvals all in SAP. Contact us for more information [email protected]