Compare BEST & RPA Technology benefits

Looking at Robotic Process Automation software for your company? How do BEST SAP Add on Modules and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology benefits compare?

  • BEST is already achieving what RPA hopes to achieve i.e.
    • Reduces repetitive work.
    • Automates time consuming and high volume tasks.
    • Increases productivity.
    • Richer, more valuable work and increased job satisfaction.

Why implement a proven SAP Add on module such as BEST for financial reconciliations and clearing versus new RPA software?

  • SAP Certified modules are already built, working and proven inside SAP.
  • BEST is fully integrated with SAP thereby reinforcing data security and process controls.
  • With BEST, there is no need for a business to have to define processes to automate for RPA. Processes are already embedded and delivered.
  • With BEST being an integrated SAP system, there is no costly, time consuming, external system integration set up and ongoing maintenance.

What can you expect from BEST?

• SAP Certified Modules since 2009 with a specific focus on resolving gaps in standard SAP functionality within the Finance area.

• Proven track record of successful implementations and benefit realisation by our clients across multiple industries and on a global level.

• Being quick to implement, the numerous benefits are quickly realised: cost savings, increased automation & efficiencies, compliance & higher accuracy.

• BEST is built in SAP using SAP’s ABAP programming language and is certified by SAP Germany which means it is of a quality expected by the SAP Certification Centre and it works well with the rest of SAP.

Detail of how BEST Modules achieve each RPA benefit is available here.

We have great Customer Case Studies on both GL and Vendor Recons products.

Please Contact Us to learn more about BEST and how we can help you automate your SAP reconciliation gaps.