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Join our online interview with AMKA Finance on how they use BEST to automate Customer Payment Allocation and Vendor Reconciliations in SAP.

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Payment allocation and clearing of your customer accounts in SAP is a time consuming, manual exercise. The BEST Remit module automates this process in SAP.  BEST posts and auto matches remittance lines against SAP Customer using the power of advanced matching algorithms from the BEST GL Clearing Module.

Implemented in 2021, AMKA currently loads and clears 66 unique customer accounts with the BEST Debtors Remit and Remit Reader modules. 97% of all remittance lines posted via BEST have been cleared.

Doris Pieters, Debtors Chain Store Supervisor, will share with BEST and listeners on how BEST is working for them to achieve fast, fully automated customer clearing.


Replace your manual vendor reconciliation activities. The BEST Vendor Recons module automates vendor reconciliations in SAP – read, load and/ or quick capture vendor statements into BEST and automated matching takes place in SAP to produce fast, accurate, automated and controlled vendor reconciliations.

AMKA has used the BEST Vendor Recons and Statement Reader modules since 2016. On average 131 statements are loaded per month into BEST – 35% via BSR, a few via excel upload and the balance of smaller statements via BEST copy/ capture. 98.5% automatic matching is being achieved which means faster and more accurate vendor reconciliations. Leaving time for query resolution and other activities.

Charone Pieterse, Accounts Payable Supervisor, will share their learnings and more on using BEST for vendor reconciliations.