Supplier Statement Matching in SAP – webinar recording

A webinar on automated supplier statement matching in SAP was hosted by BEST and partner reseller G3G on 19 March 2020.

If you are facing challenges with labour-intensive manual supplier statement matching for your supplier reconciliations outside of your SAP system then the SAP Certified BEST AP Module will assist your Accounts Payable function.

The BEST AP Module allows supplier statements to be loaded into SAP through a variety of means – including PDF for OCR reading, excel upload or by fast online copy and capture. Once the statement is in SAP, automatic line matching is performed on the statement by algorithms in BEST with SAP.  Supplier reconciliation reports can be produced at any time and they always balance. A multi-level approval system of each reconciliation is available, with full audit trails.

To watch the webinar click here.

Contact BEST for a demo on automated supplier statement matching in SAP – [email protected].

The advantages of automated supplier reconciliations in SAP over manual processes are numerous.

  • Save time. You’ll spend less time matching amounts and more time resolving queries.
  • Save money. Reduce your supplier spend by reconciling every supplier and only paying what you should, when you should, and by collecting credits and discounts.
  • Get an accurate picture. You’ll improve your audit controls and management reporting.
  • Go completely paperless:
    • Original supplier statements are stored in the system.
    • Creditor reconciliations for any historical date are always available.
    • You can approve supplier reconciliations online in SAP – no printing and signing.
    • You can automatically email supplier reconciliation reports to suppliers.
    • You’ll also save on paper costs.

Automate supplier statement matching in SAP for your supplier reconciliations and quickly achieve all the benefits. And because BEST is built and certified for SAP, you can rely on its trusted and proven performance. Find out more on how BEST AP works.

From now on you’ll no longer have to import suppliers statements manually into SAP. Regardless of the format, BEST SAP’s Vendor Statement Reader does it all for you. Find out more: BEST’s Vendor Statement Reader