BEST Reader Modules – automate loading and reading of statements and remittances to SAP

BEST Reader Modules – Automate loading of supplier statements, payment remittances and other documents into SAP.

Reduce your manual processing in the BEST modules by using our additional Reader modules (optical recognition software) which has been fully integrated into SAP by BEST and to the BEST Vendor Recons and Debtors Remit modules.

BEST Statement Reader

BEST Statement Reader is a BEST module that totally automates loading of supplier statements into SAP. Once in SAP, BEST Vendor Recons receives the statement, validates and reconciles it.

With BEST Vendor Recons you can upload Excel statements into SAP and there is a fast “copy and capture” facility to load small statements. However to automatically load excel or PDF statement files that are not in the pre-defined Excel or EDI format, then use BSR.

The Statement Reader can read an email inbox to which PDF or excel statements are emailed, detach the attached statement file and load it into SAP.

The statement file can have any layout. The Statement Reader is specifically configured to read supplier statements. Users can maintain missing data directly in SAP to ensure statements are loaded. During the implementation project statements are mapped by the BEST team, this knowledge will be handed over to your identified team for future statement mapping to ensure automation.

BEST achieves close to 100% statement reader automation rates at some of our clients (on average 85% automation when reviewing a recent month across Reader clients). Find out more on clients processing stats and automation success.

Below is a flow of our statements are automated by BSR into SAP and BEST Vendor Recons for reconciliation activities. Larger view here.

BEST Remittance Reader

The BEST Debtors Remit module automates allocating your customer payments and the clearing of your customer accounts in SAP. The BEST Remittance Reader enables the automated reading and loading  of large remittances received.

Set up a new email address for customers to send remittances advices to. Map each different remittance advice. Once mapped and read, the PDF or Excel remittance advice will be automatically translated into an XML file.

The XML file and original PDF / Excel file is sent to SAP either via a shared directory or to a pre-defined email address.  Some client feedback on BEST Remittance Reader and Debtors Remit modules:

  • We save days – loading Remittances used to take us hours, now takes minutes.
  • We achieve a 97% Remittance Line clearing rate with minimal effort.
  • We have more time for customer query resolution and better focus on debt collection.
  • We have positive feedback from their auditors on the system.

Non BEST Readers

Using another Reader but want to integrate to SAP and BEST modules? No problem, BEST can receive and integrate these file formats.

Find out more on about the BEST Modules that use the BEST Reader.

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