Italtile on mastering SAP month end efficiency with BEST

BEST, with Eventful People on 16 November 2023, hosted an exclusive webinar with Sarah Lowe, the Retail Financial Manager, driving Group Finance processes and systems forward.

Facilitating the webinar was Suresan Ellary, BEST Vendor Recons Product Manager and Christopher Brooks, BEST GL Product Manager.

Italtile first implemented the BEST Vendor Recons Module 10 years ago. In 2021 they decided to add to the BEST Module suite and implement the BEST GL Clearing & Recons Modules.

Participants from different organisations were able to engage with Sarah and the BEST Product Managers.

Sarah said that BEST has changed the accountant’s life. “We’ve just never looked back since the day we’ve adopted BEST at Italtile.”

Chris said: “It was great to hear Sarah’s positive feedback regarding our BEST GL Recon and Clearing Modules, and how these Modules are being used by the Italtile Team to positively impact their working lives and improve their Month End processing. I particularly enjoyed Sarah’s feedback regarding the BEST GL Clearing Module – and how she felt it is such an underrated Module considering the impact it is having in their organisation.”

Suresan added: “The webinar went extremely well. Sarah was brilliant in the way she articulated Italtile’s pain points and how BEST has assisted to eradicate these.”

In the webinar, the following BEST Modules and benefits were showcased by Italtile:

Vendor Reconciliations: Italtile automates these in SAP using the BEST Vendor Recons Module.

Balance Sheet Reconciliations & Clearing: The power of the BEST GL Modules in streamlining this crucial process.

Month-End Efficiency:  BEST empowers Italtile to shorten their month-end cycle while ensuring unwavering compliance.

BEST looks forward to engaging further with Eventful People on future webinars in 2024.

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