General Ledger Clearing in SAP – manage & automate intercompany transaction clearing

General Ledger Clearing in SAP – manage and automate intercompany transaction clearing in SAP with the BEST GL Clearing module.

Watch this video to learn more about Intercompany transaction clearing:

The BEST GL Clearing module can be used to clear intracompany entries within the same Company Code or intercompany entries across multiple Company Codes.

Use the BEST GL Clearing Module to clear thousands of entries across accounts. By selecting large volumes of customers and vendors, different company codes and a reference as clearing criteria – open items on all accounts that fulfill this criteria will be available for clearing.

Set the Clearing to run in the background via a SAP job and run automatically as and when required periodically and without user intervention.

For cross company entries the SAP standard intercompany configuration will apply and these entries will be cleared off the customers and vendors and posted to the actual true intercompany accounts between those two companies. Manage your logistics process at the customer and vendor level and reflect at an intercompany level.

Clear the entries automatically and focus on the few exceptions that fall outside of the clearing criteria to see what legitimately falls outstanding on these accounts

Manage, reconcile and automate General Ledger Clearing in SAP with the BEST GL Clearing Module.

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The BEST GL Reconciliation module also provides functionality to manage and approve your Intercompany Reconciliations all within SAP.